The Rook & The Raven: The Essential Campaign Planner

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    The hardcover Essential Campaign Planner is set up for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition right out of the box.

    Plan your story arc, prepare some quests, and even pull all the stat blocks you'll need into one convenient place.  On game night, keep track of initiative, conditions, and have your players' key stats right at your fingertips

    Fully Compatible

    The slim 0.75 in. discs are fully compatible with any of our Diary-sized covers, expansions, refills, add-ons, and accessories.

    If you find that you need more room, you can even upgrade your Essential Planner to any The Rook & The Raven standard (1 in.) or oversized (1.5 in.) metal discs at any time!

    Each 100-page, hardcover, handcrafted Essential Planner contains the following:

    • Hardcover Minimalist Coverset in Alloy
    • 8 Encounter Sheets
    • 3 Story Arc Sheets
    • 4 Bounty Board Pages
    • 5 NPC Sheets (2x Standard, 2x Significant, 1x Names List)
    • 20 Session Note Pages
    • 16 Lined Note Pages
    • 8 Quad Pages
    • 6 Square Grid Map Pages
    • 6 Sketch Pages
    • 1 Party Snapshot Sheet
    • 1 Player Dossier Sheet
    • 2 Wet-Erase Overlays

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