Critical Role: Fortune's Favor Dice Scroll

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    Get ready to learn your first Dunamancy spell! This scroll offers a beautiful design with arcane text that is functionally fit to teach a young wizard how to cast the Fortune's Favor spell, which was created by Matthew Mercer for the Critical Role web series. Developed and originally sketched by Taliesin Jaffe, designs on the scroll convey components of the spell along with the casting time and duration—everything an angsty fire wizard needs to know to capture a fragment of possibility.

    Use the dice scroll to bring your gaming essentials wherever you go. The smaller pouch can fit two standard 7-piece dice sets while the larger pouch comes with three plastic tubes to carry your miniatures (or more dice)! Unfurled, the scroll offers an optimal rolling surface.

    Made in partnership with Die Hard Dice (@dieharddice).


    • Faux leather outside with faux suede inside
    • 2 zippered pouches
    • Three plastic tubes for miniature or dice storage
    • Two straps featuring magnetic snaps, one of which features a debossed Critical Role logo

    This is an official Critical Role product.

      - $28.99

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