Active RPGs Information:

Here are all the current active RPGs (roleplay games) going on at Chimera Hobby & Games. If you are interested in hosting your own game, please contact us to check availability and get started!

D&D 5th – Ghosts of Saltmarsh:

Looking for more players! All classes open.

Welcome aboard and join a Monk Smuggler, Cleric Shipwright, and Wizard Stowaway as they try to eke out a living along the shores of Saltmarsh.

The campaign is every Saturday from 11:30am to 6:30pm.

After School D&D 5e – Waterdeep Dragon Heist!

Players FULL!

A strange dream summoned them all to the Yawning Portal, our adventurers must seek out Volo and aid him in finding his missing friend…

From 4 – 7 pm every Thursday!

Openings Available!

Want to start or join a campaign?

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