To request a copy of our FFL be sent to your seller to have a firearm transferred to us (new purchases, transfer, etc.), please fill out the form below per firearm. An email and a copy of our FFL will be emailed to the your seller within 24 – 48 hours. (Excluding Holidays & Weekends)

Notice: As of May 1st, we will no longer accept Firearm Transfers. All firearms MUST be picked up by May 24th or they will be returned.

FFL Transfer Fees are $25.00 per firearm. (Background check fee included.)

Transfer Policies

  • All firearms must be picked up within 30 days of arriving at the store. SEE EXCEPTION ABOVE
    • After 30 days, a storage fee of $10.00 per day will be charged. (Unless special arrangements are made prior to the end of the grace period.)
    • Ownership of the item transfers to Al’s Repair Inc. at 60 days after grace period (90 Days total), or where the fees incurred total the value of the item.
    • Any unpaid, unclaimed, or abandoned items become the property of Al’s Repair Inc. and they can dispose of said property as they see fit.
    • Items are considered unclaimed or abandoned 90 days after receipt. (Unless prior arrangements have been made.)
      • (Example: A $400.00 valued item transfers ownership at 40 days in storage, (70 days total) due to it reaching its value. A $2,000.00 item transfers ownership at 60 days in storage, (90 days total) due to the time limit.
  • Denied Transactions:
    • Incur a fee of $100.00 and storage fees are effective immediately. ($10.00 per day). All legal and other fees incurred will be the responsibility of the denied person.
    • Any unpaid, unclaimed, or abandoned transfers become the property of Al’s Repair Inc. and they can dispose of said firearm to pay for the fees.
    • Denied persons have the right to appeal to the FBI. (Fees will be adjusted on a case-by-case basis if the appeal comes back approved.)
    • Al’s Repair Inc. staff cannot provide you with legal advice or assistance with any appeals.
  • If you are Denied you have Options:
    • If the seller will take back the item. The outbound $20.00 transfer fee and all shipping charges must be paid by the denied person.
    • Consignment of the firearm with Al’s Repair Inc. All Consignment terms and conditions apply.
  • You can NOT have someone else receive the firearm for you.