Atlas: HO Code 83 Cement Ties Fastrack

Atlas: HO Code 83 Cement Ties Fastrack

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Super-Flex® Track w/Concrete Ties - 3' Section

Atlas HO Scale Code 83 Nickel-Silver Super Flex Track with Concrete Ties is known worldwide for its versatility and, of course, its flexibility. Super-Flex Track is that unlike many other types of curvable track because it can be formed and re-formed until you arrive at the desired shape. Like all Atlas track, Super-Flex is a high quality track made with injection-molded plastic and premium nickel silver rail. Super-Flex Track comes in approximately 36" 91.4cm sections, and can easily be bent and shaped to form curves of any radius. It's ideal for realistic spiral easement curves. It can be cut to any needed length with any saw, including the 150-400 Modeler's Super-Saw. Super Flex track features molded centerline nail holes for easy mounting with No. 150-2540 track nails. Fully compatible with Code 83 Snap Track and most conventional Code 83 track systems. Adapter track joiners No. 150-551 are available so you can also use Code 100 track on the same layout if desired. Code 83 Super Flex Track with Concrete Ties is part of the extensive line of Atlas HO Scale Code 83 track.