TurboDork Colorshift and Metallic paints are now in stock!

With over 16 colors available too! Just check them out below, tested by
Miniwargaming !

How to use Turbo Dork paints:

  • Shake: Shake well before and during use.
  • Prime: For the most vibrant results, prime with a gloss, black undercoat.
  • Airbrush: Use a .5mm nozzle and needle. Thin Turbo Dork paint 2:1 with airbrush medium or water. Apply three to five thin coats—or until you get the look you want.
  • Paint Brush: Lightly thin and paint in even, single-direction strokes. Allow each coat to fully dry before applying the next. Do not allow to pool.
  • Washes and Finishing: Gloss washes work best on Turbo Dork paints. Finish with a matte or satin varnish to tone down the gloss quality.
TurboDork Paints are Here!
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