Grab hold of your inflatables! Summer Remodel time is here and already you can see the awesome improvements being made.

(Shh.. we dont see the mess!)

One side of the store has the new ceiling and lights up and it’s easier than ever to read the fine print of the boxes over there!

We will be continuing to remodel a large portion of the store and stay open in the meantime. Should we close for renovations, we will post it up in advance on social media and possibly here.

Oh, and new shiny product will continue to arrive as well! Like the Games Workshop 40K items we got in a few days ago.

Oooh… shiny, glossy, shrinkwrap!

Feel free to stop in and see the changes to Chimera Hobby & Games as they happen and to check out the new items constantly coming in!


Cha-cha-cha Changes!
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