Active RPGs Information:

Here we list the current active RPGs (roleplay games) going on at Chimera Hobby & Games. If you are interested in hosting your own game, please contact us to check availability and get started!

D&D 5th – The Sound of Abyss:

Looking for more players! All classes open.

Waking in a fog, you and several others aren’t sure of where you are, or even completely sure of who you are…
Do you dare join with the others and venture out into the Abyss?
Arriving in town, our adventurers take to selling the spoils of battle and nurse wounds, reflecting on those that they’ve met, and lost along the way.
After an altercation at a tavern, our adventurers find themselves with a choice. Run the gauntlet of the dungeon and clear it out of monsters, or face a year in jail. Now resting with several other new comrades in the first room, they ponder what could be beyond the next door.
The campaign will be Tuesdays from 11:30am to 4pm.

After School D&D – Waterdeep Dragon Heist!

Players FULL!

A strange dream summoned them all to the Yawning Portal, our adventurers must seek out Volo and aid him in finding his missing friend…

From 4-7pm every Thursday!

Openings Available!

Stop in or call Chimera Hobby & Games to put your name on the list for any of our RPGs!